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Mobile employees | QTECH smartphones for corporate work

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Mobile employees | QTECH smartphones for corporate work

20 July 2020

Companies are constantly increasing the mobility of their employees by equipping them with new digital gadgets. The smartphone has become an everyday part of a modern person's life, and a valuable tool for a smart business. The creation of a high-quality and effective device for improving corporate communications has become a priority task for QTECH. In our smartphones, we took into account the basic needs of customers from different business sectors, devices of the QMP series are presented in different versions and on different operating systems: Android OS и Aurora OS and have a number of advantages:

  • 2-year warranty;

  • own technical support service;

  • modern functionality and design;

  • personalization and customization of devices at the request of the customer.

If the Android OS is known to everyone and everyone, then not everyone knows about the Aurora OS. Meanwhile, this operating system became the first Russian mobile platform for business and the public sector. This is a reliable way to ensure the security of information with elements of official and state secrets. The OS is a big step towards the implementation of government regulations on "import substitution".

Benefits of OS Aurora:

  • entered in the Register of domestic software;

  • FSB and FSTEC certificate;

  • full control over all OS functions;

  • own device management platform.

Smartphones with Russian software help increase the confidentiality of negotiations and data exchange in public and private structures.

QTECH smartphones on Aurora OS

Smartphone on OS "Aurora" version 3.2.1 with display IPS 5.99 ”. Support for 2 SIM-cards, fingerprint scanner, NFC. Battery capacity 4000 mAh.
Smartphone on OS "Aurora" version 3.2.1 with display IPS 5.71 ”, protected according to the IP68 standard. Support for 2 SIM-cards, NFC. Battery capacity 4000 mAh.

QTECH offers two models of smartphones running Aurora OS: QMP-M1-N and QMP-M1-N IP68 . The flexibility of the operating system, as well as the ability to directly integrate with various commercial software, make smartphones with Aurora OS extremely effective business tools. The QMP-M1-N IP68 and QMP-M1-N phones are designed for use in a wide variety of environments and business areas. The models are presented with a display diagonal - 5.99 "and 5.71", respectively. The QMP-M1-N IP68 model comes in an IP68 shockproof housing.

Brief characteristics:

  • 2 SIM cards;

  • fingerprint scanner;

  • support for NFC technology;

  • processor - 4-core MTK 6739;

  • battery capacity - 4,000 mA / h.

The performance and reliability of QTECH smartphones is not inferior to analogues from the world's leading manufacturers.

Scope of QTECH smartphones

QTECH smartphones will become irreplaceable assistants for employees to solve a wide range of tasks in various fields of activity:

  • state structures - employees of the administrative apparatus, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the police, the medical service;

  • transport sector - forwarding drivers, couriers, inspectors and auditors, employees of airports and railway stations;

  • industry - engineering and technical personnel, developers, logisticians, management staff;

  • business corporation - office and security staff, service personnel.

Take a step towards the future with QTECH

Smartphones are already widely used in various sectors of the economy to improve the efficiency of business processes. Modern QTECH solutions are available to large, medium and small businesses and at the same time they solve all high-tech problems in terms of industrial and corporate communications!

Enjoy all the benefits of these devices now.

Android 9.0 OS smartphone with 6.39 ”IPS display, protected by IP68 standard. Support for 2 SIM-cards, fingerprint scanner, NFC. Battery capacity 6050 mAh.
Android 9.0 smartphone with 6.53 ”IPS display. Support for 2 SIM-cards, fingerprint scanner, NFC. Battery capacity 4000 mAh.

Smartphone running Android 9.0 OS with IPS 5.0 ”display. Support for 2 SIM-cards, a fingerprint scanner. Battery capacity 2000 mAh.

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