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QTECH is a Russian developer of network and telecommunications equipment. The QTECH company (Kyutek) is founded in 2006. During this time, QTECH specialists have introduced more than 120 equipment lines to the market.

The company's central office is located in Moscow, regional divisions in the largest cities of Russia - Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, R & D centers - in Moscow (Skolkovo) and Ryazan.











QTECH pays special attention to the reliability of the equipment and the elaboration of integrated solutions based on its products. QTECH equipment has proven itself in the market of telecom operators and Internet providers, where the requirements are quite high. Today, the company offers a large number of lines for the corporate market, releasing world-class network and subscriber equipment, including switches, wi-fi, video surveillance systems and IP telephony.

A promising area of development for QTECH is a hardware and software solution in the IoT area at the “city” level - SMARTCITY - for regional administrations, and at the “home” level - QTECH 1.0 and 2.0 - for developers, construction and installation organizations and management companies.

As a project vendor, QTECH offers its customers complete solutions, from sophisticated active equipment to passive solutions and network support tools. QTECH's customers are large telecom operators such as Rostelecom, Transtelecom and the Big Three operators, as well as government agencies and corporate users.

Telecommunication equipment of domestic origin

QTECH software solutions introduced
in the Register of the Ministry of Communications

Received the status of domestic
Rostelecom manufacturer

Production at Russian
contract manufacturing

QTECH has successful experience in solving telecommunication tasks within federal projects, including the election of the President of the Russian Federation, the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, the Unified State Examination, and the program for eliminating “digital inequality”.

The company is an active participant in import substitution programs, a partner of the Skolkovo Innovation Center and entered into the Register of companies that meet the localization criteria of Rostelecom PJSC. In 2017, QTECH software was entered into the Register of Russian software of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia.

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Development of complete solutions for corporate networks

A worthy alternative to expensive western brands

Testing in your IT infrastructure

Preventing Information Security Threats

Operational technical support

Optimal pricing policy

Wide functionality of the equipment

Customization of products according to customer requests

Licenses and certificates

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