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Guarantee service

All telecommunications equipment manufacturing company QTECH extends the service warranty. The beginning of the warranty is considered from the date of purchase of the equipment.

The manufacturer shall repair or replace the equipment free of charge during the warranty period, provided that the defect is caused by the Manufacturer's fault.

Warranty service is interrupted:

  • if the user has performed self-repair of the equipment (including replacement of the built-in fuse);
  • if transportation rules and storage conditions have been violated, the technical requirements for placement and operation given in the documentation attached to the equipment;
  • if there were obvious mechanical damage, cracks, chips on the body and inside the device, broken antenna or connector contacts.

The warranty does not apply, & nbsp; ie repair is at the expense of the User in the following cases:

  • on equipment malfunctions caused by environmental impact (rain, snow, hail, thunderstorm, etc.), force majeure (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.) or the influence of random external factors (voltage surges in the electrical network, communication lines, etc.);
  • the
  • damage caused by hitting into the equipment of foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects, etc.;
  • in case of detection in the equipment of traces of mechanical and thermal damages of components on boards.

The procedure for the transfer of faulty equipment in for repair:

  1. Complete the repair notice (guarantee.xls, 37 KB). Pay attention to the sample filling.
  2. the equipment must also be accompanied by a printed notice of repair with a detailed description of the damage, certified by the seal of the organization and the signature of the responsible of equipment for warranty repairs is carried out at the expense of the User. Return shipment-at the expense of the Manufacturer.
  3. If the case is not covered by the warranty, you will need to send a repair notice detailing the failure to, in a subject of the letter to specify "Repair". After considering the notice of repair you will be contacted by a service technician to discuss repair issues. Delivery of equipment for repair is carried out at the expense of the User. Return shipping is at the User's expense.
  4. Warranty equipment should be sent to
    8 (building 18), Yuzhnaya st., Odintsovo, Moscow Oblast, Russia
    Contact: Nekrasov Vitaliy Alexandrovich, phone +7 (495) 797-33-11 additional 279


  • the Application is valid for 50 days. Upon receipt of the equipment in the office of the company QTECH during this time the warranty deed will be cancelled and you will need to pass authorization anew.
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  • Application printed complaint letter to the dispatching equipment is a must!