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  • Three R & D-centers QTECH located in Moscow, Skolkovo and Ryazan
  • Products are manufactured at contract manufacturing in Russia and abroad.


Today, QTECH has three R & amp; D centers (research and development) in Moscow, Skolkovo and Ryazan. Over 50 qualified engineers are responsible for designing modern competitive products. The company introduced into the Russian market more than 120 equipment lines. Our product portfolio is constantly updated. QTECH company offers its customers the most current technological solutions. In our activities, we adhere to a purposeful policy of creating engineering centers in Russia - this allows us to use the domestic technological base, less dependent on imports. Our R & D centers employ design engineers, circuit engineers, programmers and graduates of specialized Russian universities.


In 2017, QTECH software was entered into the “Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases” of the Ministry of Communications of Russia, including software for switches, GPON и CPE. The programmers of our company are working to ensure that the firmware used in the QTECH equipment lines is reliable, convenient and functional. & Nbsp; We are constantly working to improve and update it.

Component base

QTECH has signed agreements with the world's leading component manufacturers. On the part of chipmakers technical support is provided, our company has all the necessary documentation for the development of circuitry. At the selected component, QTECH apply for a personal quota. The supply of components is carried out as official distributors.



QTECH products are manufactured at contract plants in Russia and abroad, the production site is selected depending on the customer's needs, delivery times and price conditions. Having established partnerships with leading factories in Asia, the company QTECH at any time ready to supply its customers with large batches of products with the most favorable cost. In case of special requirements within the framework of projects of the import substitution of equipment may be issued in the Russian production. Currently on a site in the city Tula organized a full production cycle of the QTECH switch manufacturing process, including production and Assembly of printed circuit boards, production of enclosures, automated quality control stage.

Testing and quality control

We control the entire production process, before entering the market QTECH equipment passes professional pre-sale testing. This ensures that the customer receives reliable, thoroughly tested products.

We work in the quality management system  ISO 9001: 2015 (GOST R ISO 9001-2015), in accordance with which the company adheres to the following principles:

  • Customer orientation

  • Leads

  • Employee engagement

  • Process approach

  • Improvements

  • Fact-based decision-making

  • Relationship management

All this helps the QTECH team to work smoothly and efficiently to produce really high-quality equipment.