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Business breakfast QTECH and IBS Platformix in Moscow

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Business breakfast QTECH and IBS Platformix in Moscow

23 August 2018

On August 9, 2018, as part of a joint event, QTECH representatives presented products for IBS Platformix customers.

The event was attended by representatives of regional ministries, IT-companies, retail chains, online stores, real estate market.

Participants in the business breakfast expressed great interest in wireless networking solutions - one of the popular lines of QTECH, the models of which are used today in schools, hospitals, hotels, warehouses and open spaces.

QTECH employees told interested partners about the benefits of our Wi-FI solutions. Among the main advantages mentioned:

  • the ability to quickly deploy a network of any scale,

  • for a company of almost any level,

  • thanks to automatic identification of access points and centralized management of the wireless system;

  • high performance products with moderate power consumption;

  • wide functionality that provides such factors as network security and the ability to control the parameters of the radio frequency channel.

VoIP equipment is another line of the company, about which customers actively asked for a business breakfast. QTECH Product Engineer talked about the appropriate range (IP phones, IP-PBX, voice gateways) and the benefits of using VoIP-technology instead of classic telephony: savings on long-distance and international calls, lack of geo-referencing, convenience of call forwarding with a large branch network and many others .

Following the meeting, QTECH with partners outlined plans for joint business development through the implementation of our solutions in the corporate networks of companies.

Thanks to IBS Platformix, participants and the Museum of the History of the phone for a bright and productive event!

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