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Building a data network using GPON technology using QTECH equipment

GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks) is a Gigabit passive optical network. To date, GPON allows you to hold fiber optic cable to the apartment, providing bandwidth up to 1 GB/s. when implementing GPON providers have the opportunity to provide one fiber to its subscribers Triple-Play services: Internet, VoIP, IPTV. High data rates allow end users to view multiple HDTV channels simultaneously.

When constructing a network based on GPON technology providers can expand the area of provision of services to connect to the Internet clients who had not previously had such opportunity. The private sector and low-density areas are ideal for deploying such network infrastructure. The absence of strong competition in such areas allows providers to build a more flexible policy towards customers. With the right approach to building a network, the cost of connecting one subscriber can be minimized.

Below is a diagram of a comprehensive solution based on QTECH equipment for building a GPON network:

As an aggregation switch in this solution, it is recommended to use the QSW-6500 series model with the following characteristics:


  • LACP, LACP load-balancing;

  • DHCP snooping, IP source guard, ARP inspection, Option 82;

  • Port security, MAC address limit;

  • IGMP snooping, IGMP profile, IGMP static entry, Group limit, Drop query and report;



  • TACACS authentication/accounting;

  • Loopback detection, storm-control;

  • QoS CoS/DSCP;

  • Port-isolation.

The role of the optical GPON switch on the provider side is performed by the model QSW-9000-01:

  • The presence of 8 PON ports, 8 GE ports, 8 SFP ports and the ability to install an expansion card 2х10G SFP+;

  • Power reservation 1+1;

  • Support SFP, RSTP, MSTP;

  • Port-based QinQ and Selective QinQ support;

  • The availability of any features of multicast: Igmp Snooping, MVR, Igmp Proxy;

  • Ability to control via Telnet, SSH, SNMP;

  • Support for LACP port aggregation Protocol.

The provider's client is offered a wide range of equipment that meets completely different requirements:

  1. Single-port device QONT-9-1G

  2. Single-port device QONT-9-1G in conjunction with FTTB router QBR-1041WU

  3. Four-port device QONT-9-4G

  4. Full-featured router with 2 FXS ports QONT-9-4G-2V-1W

  5. Single-port device with CATV port QONT-9-1G-C

  6. Full-featured WiFi router with 2 FXS ports and CATV port QONT-9-4G-2V-1W-C

  7. GPON SFP a QONT-9-SFP device in conjunction with an Ethernet switch from QTECH

benefits of the QTECH solution:

  1. Complete solution based on IP, including the core switches, OLT (Optical terminal system for installation on the provider side), ONT(Device for installation on the client side), ODN (Passive elements for network building, including fiber optic cable, GPON-splitter GPON-attenuators, optical distribution cabinets), GPON SFP.

  2. Standardized technology for providing services. All active devices operate in accordance with the standard of ITU-t-984, which avoids unexpected problems and makes the work of the network more transparent and understandable to engineers.

  3. A large number of ONT (Optical network unit) to be installed on the client side. The ability to meet any customer requirements, from the desire to have a simple device with 1 Ethernet port 10/100/1000Base-T, working as a bridge (QONT-9-1G) to the possibility of installing a full-featured router with a CATV port to provide television (QONT-9-4G-2V-1W-C).

  4. Advantages of GPON technology compared to other PON and xDSL technologies. The ability to connect at a distance of up to 20km from the Central equipment (OLT QSW-9000-01), non-volatile data environment (using passive splitters and attenuators that do not require additional power), "clean" 2.5 Gbit\s in the downstream, up to 128 subscribers per one PON port used for secure data transmission encryption.

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