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Review of new models of QTECH IP video cameras

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Review of new models of QTECH IP video cameras

1 April 2020

QTECH is constantly setting trends in the video surveillance market thanks to the release of new models of IP video cameras with advanced features. To carry out comprehensive security measures, new video camera models allow round-the-clock effective video surveillance of private houses, commercial facilities, and manufacturing enterprises.

A significant advantage of the new models of QTECH IP video cameras is the ability to quickly deploy the necessary video surveillance infrastructure with high-speed data transfer and the ability to receive high-quality images in FullHD format. Let's take a closer look at the distinguishing features of modern QTECH IP camcorders.

Thermal Cylindrical IP Video Camera QVC-IPC-207AT (8)

Against the backdrop of the global spread of the dangerous coronavirus, a great interest has arisen in the human body temperature monitoring system using the QVC-IPC-207AT thermal imaging cylindrical IP video camera (8), which has a 2.7-12 mm varifocal lens with a motorized zoom, supports memory cards up to 128 GB.

The thermal imager system works in conjunction with the IP-video camera software, which detects a person with an increased body temperature and instantly gives a signal when the permissible level is exceeded, which allows you to identify the body temperature at a speed of 25 frames per second with an accuracy of 97%

Modern QTECH thermal imagers with the QVC-IPC-207AT thermal imaging IP camera (8) allow monitoring the body temperature at the entrance to shopping centers, international stations, airports, government agencies and industrial facilities. Moreover, temperature control can be carried out simultaneously in 30 people, which allows you to control epidemiological control in places with high traffic of people.

High Speed Dome Rotatable Outdoor IP Camera QVC-IPC-204SAD (32x)

A distinctive feature of the QVC-IPC-204SAD (32x) high-speed dome rotary outdoor IP camera is the presence of a high-quality 2-megapixel sensor with a 4.9-156 mm / F1.3 varifocal lens. The camcorder has a motorized 32-x optical zoom that allows you to track distant and moving objects. The camcorder is perfect for outdoor use with temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C.

The QVC-IPC-204SAD (32x) high-speed dome rotary outdoor IP video camera is capable of receiving FullHD images at 25 frames per second. Among the features of the camcorder, compression of the image to increase the data transfer speed, remote access to the camcorder by the static IP address, including through the mobile application in the phone, are distinguished. Thanks to the use of the Progressive CMOS photosensitive sensor, the camcorder has impressive capabilities in the field of image capture in low light conditions with high color accuracy and saturation.

Thus, the QVC-IPC-204SAD (32x) high-speed dome rotary street IP camera allows you to shoot high-quality images in any weather conditions, control the surrounding area at large industrial and transport facilities, highways or city streets.

Dome Vandal Resistant IP Video Camera QVC-IPC-203SVD (2.8)

Especially for use in harsh Russian conditions, the QVC-IPC-203SVD (2.8) dome vandal-resistant IP video camera is ideally suited, which connects to a common video recorder or video surveillance server. The metal dome housing of increased strength withstands even the most severe mechanical stresses.

This anti-vandal IP video camera is used at temperatures from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C, is protected from dust, moisture and foreign objects, suitable for installation in car parks, in educational and banking institutions with a high degree of protection according to IP66 standard.

To obtain a clear image, even in areas with heavy traffic, the QVC-IPC-203SVD (2.8) IP camera uses progressive scan technology. The wide digital dynamic range allows you to simultaneously capture details of both brightly lit and dark areas, which makes it easy to distinguish between faces with bright background lighting or license plate numbers.

Thermal cylindrical IP video camera, 2.7-12 mm varifocal lens, motorized zoom, IP66, MicroSD cards up to 128 GB, -30 ° C ~ + 60 ° C, PoE 802.3af, external PSU (optional), PoE power, 12V DC
2MP high speed dome IP outdoor PTZ camera, 4.9-156mm / F1.3 varifocal lens, motorized 32x optical zoom, IR illumination range 150m, IP66, MicroSD cards up to 256GB, -40 ° C ~ + 70 ° C, PoE 802.3at, external PSU (optional)
2MP Dome Vandalproof IP Camera, 2.8mm / F1.6 Fixed Lens, IR Range 30m, IP67, IK10, MicroSD Cards up to 256GB, -40 ° C ~ + 60 ° C, PoE 802.3af, External Power Supply ( optional), PoE power, 12V DC

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