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QTECH Telecommunication Enclosures & Racks

10 June 2020

To ensure its functioning, modern business most often uses various active and passive equipment, which is located in special rooms in telecommunication wiring cabinets and racks. They compactly accommodate patch panels, distribution frames, optical panels, cable systems, as well as switches, routers, uninterruptible power supplies, servers, storage systems and other equipment.

Benefits of using telecommunication cabinets and racks:

  • placing the maximum number of passive and active equipment in the minimum area;

  • distribution of a large number of cable lines laid from telecommunication outlets;

  • ensuring the protection of equipment and cables from various external influences;

  • protection of working personnel from electromagnetic radiation of working telecommunication systems.

Telecommunication enclosures and racks make it possible to restrict access to certain equipment by dividing it into sections with separate doors with locks. In addition, the enclosures protect the equipment well enough from moisture and electromagnetic radiation, from the ingress of dust and dirt.

To implement the state program of import substitution, QTECH company carries out a full-fledged technological process for the production of telecommunication cabinets and racks, from setting the task to mass production. In accordance with the requirements of our clients, we adapt the technical parameters and functionality of the passive equipment.

The main functionality of the cabinets meets the necessary requirements and norms of national projects, QTECH passive equipment is specially designed for carrier and corporate networks. Our main customers are large companies such as PJSC Rostelecom, PJSC MTS, PJSC MGTS.

Mounting Cabinets and Racks

The main tasks in the construction of structured cabling systems arise when placing server, network and switching equipment, which must be accessible, provide the required temperature regime, limit unauthorized access, guarantee the neat laying of connecting cables, and also accommodate a large amount of equipment in a limited area.

Telecommunications enclosures are commonly used for these tasks, which have a standard 19-inch mount of 482.6 mm - the distance between pairs of rails (extruders or mounting rails). Industry standards clearly define the spacing of the rail holes so that 19 ”equipment can be installed and secured in a given cabinet or rack.

The height of server and wiring cabinets is usually indicated in special units - "units", where one "unit" (U) is equal to 44.45 mm or 1.75 ". This allows at the stage of network design to determine the required cabinet capacity in" devices ". Due to its technical characteristics, a 19 "telecommunication cabinet has become a standard solution in the design and construction of SCS for office, industrial buildings, data processing centers (DC). At the same time, such telecommunication cabinets can withstand a load of up to 800 kg.

Telecommunication floor cabinets

Telecommunication floor cabinets are assembled from the following elements - frame, doors, floor, roof, side walls and rails (extruders), which have standard places (holes) for fixing equipment. Delivery of floor-standing telecommunication cabinets 19 '' disassembled allows you to easily transport the cabinet to the required installation site.

Floor standing cabinets are well suited for small communication centers and can be used in places with limited room height. Floor standing cabinets are typically 18 to 47U high, 600mm or 800mm wide, 600mm, 800mm deep, or 1000mm deep. QTECH manufactures size ranges of Server and Optimum floor standing cabinets. The complete set of cabinets includes doors of various designs - metal, perforated or with glass. Next, we will take a closer look at the most common models of cabinets and racks.

QTECH Server Series Floor Standing Cabinet Construction

QTECH Server Series Floor Standing Cabinet Construction

Advantages of the Server series floor-standing enclosures:
  • load capacity up to 1500 kg

  • wide range of sizes

  • possibility to organize hot / cold aisles on the basis of QS series cabinets

  • completely Russian production

  • the possibility of adjusting the design to customer requirements

  • accessories for QS series cabinets of our own production

  • ready-assembled delivery

  • the ability to supply cabinets of any color, according to customer requirements

Outdoor telecommunication cabinet WQSHP-62460-M-VT-D1

The new model of telecommunication floor-standing cabinet WQSHP-62460-M-VT-D1 is designed to accommodate and protect telecommunications, electrical, crossover and other equipment in the 19 '' standard. A distinctive feature of this model is the presence of an anti-vandal frame with structural elements and a metal cabinet door.

This model of the base cabinet was specially designed for the implementation of the Federal Project "Digital Economy", it received the certificate of origin ST-1. WQSHP-62460-M-VT-D1 telecommunication floor-standing cabinet has dimensions 600x600 mm and a height of 24U. The frame consists of a solid frame, the cabinet can be equipped with one or two pairs of guides, which are installed in pairs in front and behind the mounting structure.

QTECH Optimum Series Floor Standing Cabinet Construction

QTECH Optimum Series Floor Standing Cabinet Construction

Benefits of the Optimum floor-standing cabinet:
  • load capacity up to 600 kg

  • wide range of sizes

  • the most optimal price / quality ratio

  • completely Russian production, for some of the products from the Optimum line, the certificate of origin ST-1 was obtained

  • the possibility of adjusting the design to customer requirements

  • accessories for QS series cabinets of our own production

  • ready-assembled delivery

  • the ability to supply cabinets of any color, according to customer requirements

Wall Mounted Telecom Cabinets

Depending on the installed equipment, wall-mounted telecommunication cabinets of various standard sizes in depth and width are widely used. Server wall cabinets with a width of 600 mm have increased depth. In addition, server cabinets should provide more intense heat dissipation compared to mounting cabinets, therefore they are equipped with fan blocks or may have side perforated doors.

It is preferable to use 800 mm wide wall-mounted enclosures to accommodate the switching equipment, since they have additional side space for cable routing.

Construction of wall-mounted 2-section cabinets QTECH

Construction of wall-mounted 2-section cabinets QTECH

Wall telecommunication cabinet WQO2-61860-M

The Optimum series WQO2-61860-M wall-mountable telecom cabinet is 18U in size and can be wall-mounted without taking up valuable office space. It has a proportional size of 600x600 mm and a solid metal door. Typically, these wall-mounted enclosures are used to create a cabling network in warehouses, technical rooms or small offices.

In such QTECH telecommunication cabinets, active and passive equipment can be fixed on two rails, which can be installed to any depth during cabinet assembly. The cabinet has a lightweight design and low weight, it is delivered unassembled in a convenient package. Above and below the wall cabinet there are cable entries covered with a special plug.

Wall-mounted telecommunication cabinets WQO2-61860-M have several rails that can be installed at any depth. The side walls are fixed with latches and can be removed. If necessary, several fans can be installed on the top, which are not included in the standard package. To restrict access of unauthorized persons to the equipment, special locks can be installed on the side walls.

Collapsible wall telecommunication cabinet 19 '', Optimum series, 18U, 600x600 mm, metal door

QTECH open single frame floor stand

The 19 '' open single-frame floor stand of the Light series is designed for fast assembly and installation of telecommunications equipment. Such a rack has a size of 47U by 600 mm, it is quite easy to assemble and disassemble by one person in a few minutes, no special tools are required for installation.

QTECH open single-frame floor stands are also called “rack” from the English word “rack”. The equipment itself that can be housed in such a standard 19-inch cabinet or rack is called a "rack mount."

Single-frame floor stand 19 '', Light series, 47U, 600 mm

Thus, QTECH is ready to offer telecommunication wiring cabinets and racks of various sizes and designs for installing network, crossover, active and passive equipment with protection against unauthorized access in public places - entrances, industrial and public premises.

A wide variety of cabinet and rack accessories are also available - power outlets, fan modules, cable rings, grounding and fastener kits, cable organizers and much more. Our managers are ready to offer an optimal pricing policy, development of complete solutions, testing in your IT infrastructure and prompt technical support.

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