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Updated line of uninterruptible power supplies QTECH

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Updated line of uninterruptible power supplies QTECH

3 December 2020

QTECH company is constantly expanding the range of uninterruptible power supply equipment, releasing new lines of high-tech UPSs. The high quality and reliability of our equipment provide a stable power supply to consumers, regardless of any problems in the power grid.

UPSs from QTECH successfully work in offices and enterprises, in server rooms, at communication centers and in providers' networks, avoiding downtime due to power outages. Choose from 450VA to 10kVA models for any load, from a personal computer to a powerful server.

QTECH UPS for Workplace, PC, Simple Telecom Equipment

QTECH Terra LIS Series – these are line-interactive uninterruptible power supplies with built-in batteries. Compact and reliable models are designed to protect personal computers, workstations, switches, routers, operator workstations, cash register equipment from the main problems with power supply: high-voltage emissions, electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, decrease, increase and complete disappearance of mains voltage.

The UPS continuously filters the AC input voltage to protect the connected consumer from power surges and noise.

The built-in autotransformer maintains the stability of the power supply regardless of voltage surges in the mains, and also reduces the number of UPS transfers to operation on battery power, extending their life. The UPS protects the battery against overcharging and deep discharge, short circuit and overload.

The series includes 14 models, with a capacity of 450VA / 650VA / 850VA / 1200VA / 1500VA / 2000VA / 3000VA.

The UPS is equipped with IEC C13 or Schuko output sockets. Delivery with LCD display and LCD indication is possible. The USB port allows you to control the uninterruptible power supply and send a command for the correct completion of processes.

QTECH uninterruptible power supplies for communication center


QTECH SKY LIX Series – these are line-interactive UPSs for a communication center without built-in batteries, designed for long-term autonomous operation.

Uninterruptible power supplies perform the task of protecting telecommunications equipment and security systems at communication centers. The UPS is connected to external high-capacity batteries, which are recharged using the built-in chargers with increased charging current.

Connecting only one external high-capacity battery (up to 100 A / h) to the QPS-LIX-D-600-12SK uninterruptible power supply unit provides long battery life at minimal cost.

Uninterruptible power supplies have a built-in autotransformer and support a sinusoidal output voltage in battery mode. The wide input voltage range without switching to batteries means less battery power is used, which extends battery life.

The cold start function enables the UPS to turn on when there is no mains voltage. The load is powered from IEC C13 and Schuko output sockets.

UPS QTECH for server, telecommunication equipment


Online UPS QTECH SKY OLS / OLX series provide protection for server, telecommunications, network, industrial and any other equipment with increased requirements for the quality of network power supply. Thanks to the use of double conversion architecture and zero transfer time to battery, uninterruptible power supplies provide absolute protection against all regular external power problems.

The series includes 10 models: QPS-OLS-RT-1000-24SK, QPS-OLS-RT-1000-36SK, QPS-OLS-RT-1500-36SK, QPS-OLS-RT-2000-48SK, QPS-OLS-RT-3000-72SK, QPS-OLX-RT-1000-24SK, QPS-OLX-RT-1000-36SK, QPS-OLX-RT-1500-36SK, QPS-OLX-RT-2000-48SK, QPS-OLX-RT-3000-72SK.

The versatile Rack-Tower form factor allows this series of UPSs to be used to protect equipment installed in 19-inch racks, and for free-standing. Compact size, only 2U, saves rack space.

Additional battery modules (up to four) can be connected to the UPS to extend battery runtime. Uninterruptible power supplies and battery packs are hot-swappable. Hot swapping is the ability to fully service the equipment under load, which is very important when connecting a consumer, which must not be disconnected.

The output connectors are divided into segments, which allows the load to be divided into two groups and disconnect the less important load when it is necessary to increase the battery life of a more important consumer.

A special feature of the SKY series is the availability of models with an increased charge current, to which both individual batteries and battery modules can be connected. The regulated charging current allows connecting batteries with a capacity of 9 A / h to 120 A / h. The UPS output power factor is 1.

UPS QTECH SKY OLX / OLS series with a capacity of 6 and 10 kVA to ensure the protection of servers, video surveillance systems, small and medium data centers

SKY-OLXUPS QTECH SKY OLX series supplied in two configurations:

The first is a complete set of additional battery modules, up to 4 pieces.

The second is a complex solution in an all-welded cabinet with a compartment for front-terminal batteries with a capacity of 100A / h, a compartment for a UPS (up to 3 UPSs), a battery protection module, a UPS control and monitoring module.

Features of UPS QTECH SKY OLX:
  • Double conversion.
  • Single phase UPS.
  • N + X reservation.
  • Wide input voltage range 120 - 276V.
  • The output power factor is 1.
  • Charge current up to 10A.
  • Universal form factor.
  • Flexible battery configuration 16/18/20.
  • Intelligent 3-stage charging is used to extend battery life.
  • ECO mode support.
  • Cold start - turns on the UPS when there is no power.
  • Automatically turn on when power is restored.
  • Load segmentation function.
  • Standard communication interfaces: RS-232, USB, internal SNMP card slot or dry contacts.
  • Ability to work in conjunction with a generator set.
  • Informative LCD display with additional LED indication.

SKY-OLS-6-10.jpgOnline UPS QTECH SKY OLS series power of 6 and 10 kVA reliably protect server, telecommunication, network, industrial and any other equipment requiring high quality network power supply. The double conversion functionality provides effective protection against any problems in the external power grid.

Versatile form factor allows the UPS to be installed in a rack or tower; Compact size: only 4U high; The uninterruptible power supply is equipped with built-in batteries 16 x 9A / h. Hot swappable batteries are supported.

Features of UPS series OLS SKY:

  • Double conversion.
  • Output power factor - unit.
  • One phase.
  • N + X Reservation.
  • Input voltage range 176 - 288V.
  • Input frequency range 40 - 70Hz.
  • Versatile Rack-Tower Form Factor.
  • Intelligent 3-stage charging is used to extend battery life.
  • ECO mode.
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) Port.
  • Cold start - turns on the UPS when there is no external power supply.
  • Standard communication interfaces: RS-232, USB, internal SNMP card slot or dry contacts.
  • Ability to work in conjunction with a generator set.
  • Informative LCD display with additional LED indication.

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