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Video panels for IP intercoms QTECH

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Video panels for IP intercoms QTECH

25 November 2020

QTECH offers a line of indoor subscriber video panels QDM in modern ergonomic enclosures for IP intercoms. The devices are multifunctional video terminals installed indoors to interact with door communication panels using the SIP 2.0 protocol.

With the help of the video panel, you can communicate with guests via a duplex telephone channel and receive high-quality video images. The devices are equipped with a capacitive touchscreen display for setting functions and selecting modes. Mounting options - wall-mounted and desktop (desktop).

Home terminals are connected to the Internet via 10 / 100BASE-T Ethernet ports using a twisted pair cable or Wi-Fi. You can choose a model running Android and Linux operating systems based on your own preferences. There are 2 ways of power supply - from an external power supply unit or from a network switch using PoE technology over twisted pairs.

Video panels are equipped with "dry contacts" for connecting various sensors, for example, security and fire alarms. Some models are equipped with executive relays designed to control household appliances and lighting.

Let's consider the characteristics of two typical video panels in more detail.

A model with basic functionality that allows you to implement a reliable audio and video channel for communicating with a subscriber over an IP network.

  • 7 inch TFT screen;
  • resolution 1024x600 pixels;
  • brightness 300 cd / m;
  • 800: 1 contrast;
  • 2 ports 10/100 BASE-T;
  • 8 pairs of "dry contacts";
  • 12 V / PoE power supply;
  • Android OS;
  • 2 GB RAM + 4 GB memory;
  • aluminum body;
  • dimensions 232x160x21 mm;
  • wall installation.

The video panel is made in a compact plastic case with a bright 7-inch capacitive touch display.

  • 7 inch LCD screen;
  • resolution 1024x600 pixels;
  • brightness 270 cd / m;
  • 800: 1 contrast ratio;
  • two 10/100 BASE-T ports;
  • 8 pairs of "dry contacts";
  • two outputs of the executive relay;
  • 12V / PoE;
  • Android OS;
  • RS485 interface
  • 1 x Micro SD slot;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • wall mounting.

High quality and operational reliability of video intercom panels are achieved through the use of innovative technologies, advanced element base, high-tech production with testing of all finished products.

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